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Stonehenge - a replica of its original pristine form.

May 2012
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The Aquarius Papers On The Code
The transition into the new paradigm is now at hand! It is time to release the Code's deeper secrets. This is material that the Code Fraternity has never seen.

Aquarius - 1: The End of the Pyramid Age
Starring Dahshur's Red Pyramid and offspring - and Thoth's signature all over it. Egyptian writings, as we know them, are simply not old enough to reach back far enough in time - to the very beginning of the so-called Pyramid Age, 12,960 years ago. We have no idea who was making history at that time due to the absence of any writing; hence, modern scholars assume that men of that period were too ignorant to have had such skills.  This collective of limited thought has overlooked the language of numbers and mathematics - the acknowledged "perfect" language which does not have to be written...except to the ignorant.  Hermes (Thoth), the traditional early Egyptian God of Knowledge and Father of Egypt apparently understood this too, because on the temple of Horus at Edfu we find his favorite number:

9 * * * *
9 * * * *

Scholars have no idea what it means today, but it serves as a Rosetta Stone to a language far more ancient than any we have ever found - and it was used GLOBALLY!
30 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 2: Pi and The Great Pyramid
Pi, a transcendental number having a value of 3.141592653589783238462.....; a math symbol denoting the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Origin unknown but thought to have Semitic origins. Very early records indicate it was expressed as a fraction (22/7 or thereabouts). Even today, with computers, its true value continues to evade us...
30 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 3: Khafre and Friends
In the primitive religion of Egyptology, the Khafre Pyramid is just another tomb. It cannot perceive another purpose for it, acknowledging only that it's the second tallest pyramid at Giza. Only the Great Pyramid can command any intellectual interest because it's the largest and tallest. The premier tourist attraction of a so-called "science" that exists for the glorification of things that shine. But remove Khafre's name from it (which Egyptology lacks the wit to do), and the second of Giza's pyramids loses its reason for being. Not good for tourism... Since the 18th century, a very few minds have theorized that the Great Pyramid's measurements embraced the Pi ratio, size of the Earth, length of the year, etc. - and a few have even tried to prove it in writing. Tried, at least... But the Khafre? No such interest; hence, it stands for naught. Just another pyramid built to a pharaoh who hadn't been born yet. But it does keep the tourists paying, and the Pope of Egyptology from starving to death. In archaeocryptography, however, the "Khafre" Pyramid has a much higher purpose. It conveys - in 3 dimensions - the UNION of both rational and irrational numbers in a single body.
30 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 4: The Art of Bending
The Bent Pyramid of Dahshur, its misconceptions and better proportions, the geo-math between Giza and Dahshur, another kind of Megalithic Yard (6-5-6), Etowah, Cahokia, Florence, the Cross Mound, Kolomoki, Temple of the Warriors and even crop glyph involvement.
34 pages stapled - $17.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 5: Where Monks Fear to Tread (2nd Edition) My 2004 visit to Monks Mound harvested much new data on America's Gizeh. Pointers were found to Mississippi's 5-cornered Emerald Mound, the meaning of its Mound #72, and Cahokia's place in the Fifth Sun of Mayan time reckoning. (See also Aquarius 20 below.)
31 pages stapled - $15.50 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 6: Giza West
Old Man of the Mountain, Poverty Point, Carnac's "FACE," Tikal's analogue to the Great Pyramid, all of Tikal's pyramids, the genius in their longitudes, Tula, Citadel's mis-named computers and the order in the apparent alignment chaos of Tikal.
32 pages stapled - $16.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 7: Avenues and Runways of Antiquity
The site constants - sites with multiple pyramids like Tikal, Teotihuacan, Marietta, Cahokia, Walnut Bayou, Giza, etc. ALL in the West, except Giza - the ONLY one in the East.  Yep, you guessed it, it all began over HERE, not there. The Giza master multiplex should alert everyone. This is sure to draw the wrath of the Pope himself.  A new age in foreign relations is at hand.
32 pages stapled - $16.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 8: Cover-Ups
What we haven't been told and why. Acenceh E-VII, Citadel, Kukulkan, Zoser, Cholula and its II pyramid, Akapana and how its distance was left in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid LONG before "Cheops had it built" 8,000 years later...(??). Thoth's signatures everywhere. Did you know that the Oregon Vortex is a NATURAL square root? Stupid alterations at the Sun, the ruage of Avebury Circle and Uxmal's Magicians. 30 pages.
30 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 9: Pre-Iberian Britain
Avebury, Silbury and Stonehenge find a new relic for English Heritage; Sphinx Rock - Britain's "Old Man of the Mountain," what Avebury used to look like, Earth's "FACES" pass in review.
30 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 10: The Origins of Metrology, the Square Root
The scholars have missed it by miles. The science of measure goes back to Creation itself - SPHERES. No rational numbers will ever find it. It requires squared numbers and square-roots, like the 7.396853329 SQUARE of Thom's 2.719-foot Megalithic Yard. Ignore it and be lost forever.
31 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 11: Eulogy for an Old Man
In May 2003, New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain fell into rubble. A random act of nature? Or was it scheduled? It appears to have been a warning as the repercussions are already in evidence. Learn to read what experts cannot.
68 pages stapled - $34.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 12: Japan's Great Pyramid
The Daisen Burial Mound (Emperor Nintoku), Daisencho, Sakai City, Osaka, Japan and its place in the Pyramid Matrix. $7.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 14: Light & Shadow Equals Time & Distance
Aquarius-14 is now ready for release. Ever wonder about that "Sun-serpent" that is seen wiggling up the staircase of the Kukulkan Pyamid at Chichen Itza on the annual equinox? It is just another part of this ancient Code System. Why was Chichen Itza built at its present elevation above sea level? Was El Caracol actually an observatory? Why did Chichen Itza and Tula follow similar design principles? See what archaeologists cannot, that light & shadow equal time and distance.
30 pages stapled - $15.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 15: Eastern Standard Time
Not currently available. Undergoing revision.

Aquarius - 16: Securing Tangents *NEW!*
Explains some of the ways tangents were incorporated in the Matrix System and patterns involved. Non-random. Very precise. Text and photos in this chapter span 38 pages.
38 pages stapled - $19.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 17: Dewarping The Timeline:
The associations between the clock of the zodiac and the Aztec Calendar Stone, the locations of our last four North Poles, the Earth's Program for change, the last Ice Age, relative sea levels over the past million years, clues from the Piri Reis Map and the periodic cataclysms.
28 pages stapled - $14.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 18: The 6th Seal
Munck discourses on the message The Matrix bears on impending cataclysyms. Learn which regions that the Matrix specifies that we may be destined to lose to the sea in the coming months or years.
33 pages stapled - $16.50 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 19: Waldseemuller's Globe - 1507
Munck reveals ancient knoweldge of the Matrix contained within Waldseemuller's Globe! It tells us something very significant about the West.
32 pages stapled - $16.00 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 20: Medicine Wheel (New Ed.)
Non-linear / reciprocal math in stone. Its recipe is crooked but precise and explains why so many aboriginal monuments were not true geometrics. They had to be distorted in some way. Wyoming's Medicine Wheel, England's Square, Egypt's Bent Pyramid, Monks Mound, Emerald Mound, Tikal's pyramids - and complete with a map for the medicine wheels. s at
37 pages stapled - $18.50 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius - 21: The First Reader
Learn to read numbers like writing. There are but 26 letters in the alphabet whereas numbers intrude upon infinity itself, hence, great knowledge is possible. It includes not only aboriginal monoments but crop glyphs as well, a lnguage still with while Lemurian, Babylonian and Egyptian follow the do-do bird. The teachers include Portsmouth (KY), FT. Centre Cirle (FL), Tiahuanaco (Bol.), Sakai City (Jap.), Chichen Itza (Mex.), Ogemaw (MI), Poverty Pt. (LA.), Carnac (FR.) and beyond. Even Thoth's studio.
37 pages stapled - $18.50 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius-22: Where Square Roots Became Reciprocals
Habikino City's keywhole mounds in Japan. Confusing to the carographer, but very well ordered to they who can "read" math. Meet their cousins across the world - Serpent Mound, Rock Lake, Meydoom's False Pyramid, Town Creek in NCAR, Stonehenge, Kukulkan, Cobble Knoll (NY) and even MANOS at Nazca.
27 pages stapled - $13.50 postpaid U.S.

Aquarius-23: The Mid-Term
The stones at Stonehenge were DELIBERATELY left unfinished and thereby "crooked". Stonehenge is bi-lingual, speaking both conventionally and reciprocally. Close cousin to Egypt's Khafre Pyramid, it likewise is fluent with Ohio's Serpent Mound, The Square, the Frankfort Ideogram, Nazca's Condor the great cat effigies, Tikal's Temple IV and others.
35 pages stapled -$17.50 postpaid U.S.

The Code Newsletter - Back Issues
The Code Newsletter has now been phased out, and replaced with the Aquarius Papers above. Individual back issues are available for $6.00 each - postpaid. In the future, we hope to list individual back issues, with descriptions of each.
$6.00 each - postpaid U.S.

The Code - 1997
Carl Munck
Munck explains with illustrations and simple math equations, how the pyramids and earthen mounds in the world, “know where they are.”
Book - Spiralbound - 150 pages  $24.95 postpaid U.S.

Whispers From Time: The Pyramid Bible
Carl Munck
Carl’s second book, exclusively offered by Internet Marketing NW. This is a topic for clear, unpoisoned minds, not the happily muddled. It explores the logic in the minds of those who built the pyramids in a way that has never been done before. The pyramids are the emprise of archaeology, a highly respected “science”; but its representatives have been indoctrinated in outmoded theories which are now centuries old. So convinced are they that their academic background is solid, they automatically reject any reasoning which conflicts with their own.
Book - Spiralbound - 211 pages  $29.95 postpaid U.S.

Whispers From Time - Volume II 
Carl Munck
Now, for the first time, see why the aboriginal monuments differed in format. Pyramids, bent pyramids, terraced pyramids, animal effigies, human faces, oval, conical, flat-topped and square-cornered mounds, circles and crooked circles. Far too confusing for archaeologists to sort through; but arrange them by type and we find that they speak as families. This level of The Code has taken Carl 20 years to decode. With it, there are new paths to follow and new vistas to extrapolate.  But by far most interesting are the Earth history chapters in this ancient encyclopaedia of stacked stone. First are the "records" which show where the former North poles were located during the previous Ice Ages! And they agree with Carl’s own findings in paleomagnetism! See how logically this information is presented…and one doesn’t even have to rely on Code Math to see it!  It was SO obvious that modern investigators looked right past it all!
Book - Spiralbound - 151 pages  $29.95 postpaid U.S.

The Master Code Book
Carl Munck
NEW, and ready for those who wish to be informed about real history; the largest and most comprehensive book ever written on the world's pyramids. Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, the U.S., England, Peru, Nan Madol, China and Japan - along with why they are where they are - including the Big Horn Medicine Wheel and the talkative drawings on the Plains of Nazca, and even a few Crop Glyphs which speak the same language! A book that is destined to change the world's view of history and return Atlantis and Lemuria to focus. It is 240 pages thick and 8½ by 14" format. It weighs over 3 pounds. Contains many Code secrets never before released. Knowledge of the Code is recommended.
Book - Spiralbound - 240 pages  $60.00 postpaid U.S.

The Code - the COMPLETE Four Part Series (DVD)
Carl Munck
Archaeocryptography, Ancient Advanced Technology, and the Global Earth Matrix..
3 DVD Set - 302 mins - $69.95 postpaid U.S.

The Code Video Parts 2 & 3
Carl Munck
Archeocryptography school is again in session as The Code: Parts 2 & 3 continue here on one video with Carl Munck as your guide and teacher. Geomathematical logic, as well as contemporary science, demonstrates that the ancients measured and mapped the Earth. Part 2 - Matrix West: structures in N. & S. America. Part 3 - The Pi Pyramids: the relationships of many structures and Pi.
VHS Video - 1 hr 45 min  $29.95. Sale Price - $15.95 postpaid U.S.

Notice: The Pyramid Matrix Bookstore is currently closed. It may reopen at a later date: TBA. Please check back later. Email.

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