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Nazca Lines and Archaeocryptography

Enlarge. Learn the secret behind Manos. This article is an introduction to archaeocryptography through Manos, a Nazca line drawing on the Plains of Nazca in Peru.

ARCHAEOCRYPTOGRAPHY: (Archaeo - ) Ancient. (Cryptography -) Code, codification, encryption, cryptic.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not live in a New World. We live in a very ancient codified world, a global encyclopedia every page of which is represented by an ancient pyramid, mound, effigy, stone and earthworks.

I call this clever arrangement "THE CODE" and have since 1985, a few years after I began deciphering such artifacts. Someone, long ago, went to extremes in positioning these coded objects around the world and they did so with numbers. Numbers that are familiar to us today in the language of degrees, minutes and seconds of latitude and longitude. Map talk!

There are, of course, several levels involved, some involving pi, the radian and even the Base 360 System. These are most frequently the more complex structures (Teotihuacan's 8 level high-rise Pyramid of the Sun, Tikal's pyramids, the Face over on Mars, the Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, etc.). Others, at the introductory level, are very simple - and not always pyramids or mounds.

Take for example the "drawing" of MANOS on the Plains of Nazca in Peru as sketched below. Yes, what we see at Nazca was integral to this global matrix system just as were the pyramids. But our experts can't figure it out. None of it. And it's so very simple.

Look at Manos. What does he "say" to arithmetical law?

MANOS: This caricature shows a man as seen from above, looking upward with his hands and arms outstretched. But he isn't praying to the gods as our modern historians might like to believe. Manos is showing someone WHERE he is. EXACTLY where he is. Consider his "numbers" carefully.

1. The only recognizable geometric shown is the 90-degree angle where his neck meets his shoulder. His first number then is - 90
2. Most obvious are his nine outstretched fingers - 9
3. Of which five are on one hand - 5
4. And only four on the other - 4

Now, multiply these most obvious numbers:

90°   x   9   x   5   x   4   =   16,200

5. In this large rational number is ENCODED his actual latitude, viz.,

    16,200  :  14°   :   41'  =   28.2229965156"   South

Said parallel crosses right through the effigy's center.

Next, Manos' longitude. Of course, we cannot use our Greenwich Prime Meridian for reckoning longitude. (A) It's only about 200 years old and (B) The ancients didn't know about it. Their Prime Meridian ran N & S across the Great Pyramid at Giza, a full 31 degrees, 08 minutes and 00.8 seconds to the EAST of Greenwich.

On modern maps, Manos centers himself at 75° 06' 42.86" W. Greenwich. Increase that by 31° 08' 00.8" to bring in the original Giza Prime and we are left with 106° 14,' 43.66"

6. Then, consider Manos' LESS obvious "numbers," his two arms and his two ears. Four. Give these to his GRID LATITUDE of 16,200 above:

16,200   x   4   =   64,800 (   :   106°   :   14'   =   43.665768194")

Which, as we see, agrees number-for-number with his West Giza Longitude.

Manos, through the clear language of numbers, shows us precisely where he locates on our own maps.

What else has he told us? Think about it...

a. Those who drew Manos knew where the equator was - and still is.
b. They have shown us THEIR Prime Meridian.
c. They knew our own Base 360 System as used in global mapping.
d. They knew mapping.
e. And the fine art of global positioning.
f. And, finally, they knew arithmetic!

But Manos is but one of these high-intelligence indicators from a time before time. There are many others. For better depth, you are invited to read WHISPERS FROM TIME (Volumes I & II) by Carl Munck, archaeocryptographer. It is currently available from Carl Munck Ancient Sites, 665 Matchpoint Drive, Ammon, ID 83406 . Send check or money order payable to Carl Munck. Email.


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